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An Award-winning best hair salon in Malaysia, with 30 years of experience and excellence.
We are highly technically innovative in our craft and creativity.

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Wash & Cut is perfect for those who want to look good, quick. This wash and cut option includes a thorough shampooing session utilizing professional shampoo and condition products.

Once that’s done, you can choose from a list of our senior stylists to director stylists who will consult what works best with your style needs.

Wash & Blow is for those that want to be an instant celebrity, just consult our stylists on what works best on you! This wash and blow option includes a wash with professional shampoo and conditioner followed by 3 different blow-dry options to finish off your look.

Whether it’s straight, sleek or big bouncing curls, you tell us, we got you covered!

Hair Salon

If you are looking to add some ‘oomph’ into your hairstyle or to do a cover up on your sprouting gray hairs!

Choosing a hair color could be one of the most difficult decisions, but with our professional stylists, worry no more as they will choose the perfect color just for you.

Hair Salon

Make your dream come true! Have the longer, luscious, fuller hair you have always dreamt of with our hair extensions, which you can style easily as if it’s your own hair.

Our stylists uses an innovative bonding technique that does not hurt your original hair, it also makes the extensions invisible and last for months.

Hair Salon

Give your hair a playful bounce that is also easy to care for, perfect for busy people. It saves your time every day for at least 4 months because you would need much less product and also creating a natural curl.

After the whole process is done, quality care is needed to make your perm last longer, so our stylists will be sure to assist you on that!

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Reborn your hair with this service! Completely change your hairstyle either from crazy unmanageable hair to silky smooth straight hair. Bye bye damaged hair!Our professional stylists will provide you tips and tricks so you can keep your beautifully reborn hair longer!

Hair Salon

Luxury Manicure and Pedicure service, specializing in advanced cuticle care, in-fills, nail shaping, and polishing. Once your nails are ready, you can select from our wide range of lacquer shades, creatively applied by our expert nail technicians.

To further enhance your experience, enjoy our hands and feet massage, leaving your hands and feet feeling moisturized and rejuvenated!

Hair Salon
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We have hair treatments that are personalized specially for you, with consultation from our stylists, based on your level of hair damage, lifestyle and aging.

The treatment infuses each strand of hair with rich nutrients and repairing agents, removes any calcium ion buildup, transforming the hair from coarse to its original suppleness.

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Neutralize and detoxify all the baddies away from your scalp whether its toxins, stubborn dead skin cells or annoying dandruff flakes!

Take control of your hair again while SCP® helps your scalp to breathe again, not only is it high in antioxidant which helps with anti-aging, it would also help balance the oil-moisture ratio in your hair.

Hair Salon

Knowing you look amazing is the key to enjoying your day.

With hairdos customized to your liking, our stylists will give that dazzling day look to special occasion hairdo for that sophisticated evening look to full bridal look for you and your bridesmaids on that special day.

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